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Saturday, January 31, 2004

How to Steal an Election
How can anyone believe that multi-billion dollar capitalist institutions like the New York Times or the Washington Post do anything other than legitimate capitalism. Of course, they are great at focusing on stories that divert attention from class struggle. The New York Times reports:As if elections make a difference! When all of the candidates reflect the interests of the ruling capitalist class, who cares which thief steals the election? Elections in the Capitalist World are stolen long before the polls open!
Sheep's Clothing
Eugene Volokh cunningly posts criticisms of right-wing nutcases like Irving Kristol on the issues that don't threaten the fundamental interests of the ruling class. Do not be deceived. The so-called "reasonable right" is actually the "dangerous right." So-called "libertarians" exist because it is in the interests of the ruling class to detach social issues like gay rights from the only issue that really counts, class struggle.
More Artificial Negativity
Nothing burns me more than the apparently endless capacity of the academic left for distraction. A prime example is the trivial controversy over creation science and evolution in the public schools. Every drop of ink (or keystroke) wasted on this issue functions to distract attention from the three issues that really count. What are those three issues? Class, class, and class.
Class Cohesion
Isn't the Cheney/Scalia duck hunting trip just more of the same? These interconnectons among members of the ruling class are nothing new. Calling for Scalia's recusal is worse than a band aid. Such palliative measures serve only to legitimate a system that is fundamentally corrupt beyond redemption. (Running Dog Howard Bashman has more links.)

Friday, January 30, 2004

Corporate Tools and Capitalist Bloodsuckers
The so-called democratic primary season of 2004 was already over before it began. Consider this story:I cannot believe the naivite of Dean supporters who actually believe that the Dean phenomenon is anything other than "artificial negativity," sucking energy out of truly radical alternatives. And speaking of alternatives to Dean, we have John Kerry--the patrician with family wealth over half a billion dollars. Link courtesy of capitalist dupe Larry Lessig.
The Superstar of Rent-a-Constitution
Randy Barnett, the crypto-anarchist, pseudo-libertarian, is on a book tour! Isn't that precious? And Glenn Reynolds is calling him the "Constitutional Law Equivalent of a Rock Star!" The commodification of the legal academy is reaching new heights!
Spitzer, Corporate Hack in Reformist Disguise
Ultra-right wing New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer is on the big-money dole. Did we really need Business Week to tell us this:
Work Ethic?
New age neanderthal Judge Alex Kozinski has been whining about the possibility the Ninth Circuit's shameful memo dispos may become citable under a proposed amendment to the Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure! As far as I can tell, Kozinski's argument boils down to this: if memo dispos are citable, Ninth Circuit judges will actually have to read the stuff the staff clerks prepare in San Francisco. Horrors!
Where is the real left?
What passes for the left in the intellectual blogosphere makes me sick! Just take a look at what's posted on Crooked Timber. Not a shred of serious discussion of class. Lot's of "let's be reasonable" catering to imperialism and warmongering. Even so-called Marxists like Leiter are obsessed with academic status. I don't know where the real left is, but I can't find it the blogosphere.
Nuts at San Diego
Is it just me? Or am I right that the Univeristy of San Diego has hired a bunch of right wing nuts. Don't take my word for it, just read this.
Originalism? You've got to be joking.
I've seen several posts in the blogosphere lately about originalism. Huh? You've got to be joking. Does anyone really think this crap still sells. It went out with Ed Meese. Originalism is just a rhetorical cover for the radical right's stealth campaign to roll the constituton back to 1789. Property qualifications for voting. Slavery. No serious intellectual can take this stuff seriously!
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